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News from Pabianice

Application shows news from the portal

Application shows news from the portal is a local portal with news from Pabianice. Application in a user-friendly way allows to browse news published there.

Key features:

• receiving news through a RSS channel and saving them in a database

• the text of the news is in Polish, but the application's interface is translated to: Polish, English and Italian (depending on the phone settings)

• dedicated tablet interface (list of news on the left and the news' text being read on the right hand side)

• possibility to read articles also in offline mode (without Internet network). Application uses the news previously downloaded (the read news are grayed out in the article list)

• gestures - pull-to-refresh function. A fast pull down of the news' list results in connection to the portal and check of the articles' list update

• application correctly shows pictures and movies embedded in articles

• possibility to share articles with friends using a "share" button below every news' text

• available application settings: time to preserve articles on the phone, frequency of news' checking, showing notifications, possibility to choose the notification sound and vibration

• showing the main article's picture both in the list of news and in the news' text

• home screen widget showing a number of latest news

• message search

Enjoy the app! :)


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