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Interval Timer Tibetan Bowl

Beautifully designed application that helps you do your interval based exercises

Interval Timer Tibetan Bowl is an application that helps you do your exercises that are interval based. Beautiful design, nice sounds and a lot of configuration possibilities make it a must-to-have app for the active people!

Here are the basic functions of the application:
- length of timer interval can be set to more than 10 different lengths from 15 seconds to 3 hours (if the preset values are not enough, you can set your custom length too)
- there are 2 modes of timer: the exact number of repetitions can be set or the timer can repeat forever, until the user stops it
- in case the fixed number of repetitions is set, the timer will let you know about the finish with a different, lower tone of Tibetan bowl
- add breaks between the intervals if you want! you can choose a pause from 10 seconds to 10 minutes. So it's perfect for an interval training (for example 5 minutes activity -> 30 seconds break -> 5 minutes -> 30 seconds -> 5 minutes -> etc... (if the preset values are not enough, you can set your custom length too)
- add metronome if you want! It's up to you to use this function to keep the requested pace/rhythm. It's useful when you want to set a pace for example while cycling or doing fitness. Settings up to 200 ticks per minute (if the preset values are not enough, you can set your custom frequency too)
- change backgrounds and choose the best for you form beautiful images. If you lke plain color as a background, you can use a color picker to have a totally customized one!
- three sound profiles: mild Tibetan bowl, louder gong for noisy environments and a long gong for the ones who want to enter the meditative state
- background calm sound available, switch it on if you like!
- keep your phone's screen on while running timer
- "Advanced Timer" mode - set up different lengths of the intervals or pauses for each step. Useful if you want to do e.g. Plank Workout
- "Random Timer" mode - choose the min and max lengths of the interval and the app will choose a random one from this range to play a gong
- Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section accessible from every screen of the app. To help you find the answer immediately
- 8 charts to show your exercise history: last week, last month, all time by day and by month to show both timer lengths and occurrences
- change the timer interface element size

The timer works also with the screen off or after switching to another application - good for your phone's battery!
It can be used for any physical or soul activity that requires an interval timer like:
- physical exercises
- Nadi
- Reiki
- Yoga
- Meditation
- Interval training
- Cycling
- Fitness
- Plank Workout
- Pomodoro
- etc

ADVANCED TIMER feature allows you to set up different lengths of the intervals for each step. You can setup adjust also the pause lengths between each step. Moreover, you have the possibility to modify a "warm up" time, that may be needed for the preparation before the exercise. This timer is useful if you want to do e.g. Plank Workout. Any workout with a fixed number of repetitions but with different lengths of intervals or break lengths can be managed with it.

The pro version allows to:
- save standard timer presets, giving them titles so you can restore your presets later
- save advanced timer presets, giving them titles so you can restore your presets later
- possibility to edit all the saved standard and advanced timers
- remove ads
- choose from 8 more backgrounds: Clouds, Ocean Wave, Sand, Sunflowers, Vineyards, Leaves, Stones, Pink Mandala
- pick whatever image from your gallery and create your own background! Zoom, pan and crop it to fit perfectly timer's screen
- set your phone's notification sounds as timer sounds
- set volume of the sounds not caring about the current phone's volume settings
- 'Easy text input mode' for Advanced Timer
- possibility to choose your own background sound from MP3, OGG, WAV files from your phone and set its volume
- backup/restore export/import function of the Saved Timers and exercise history
- default 5 saved timers present out of the box in the Saved Timers list
- exporting all the exercise history to CSV file so you can view it in Excel
- set a daily reminder to inform you about your exercise!
- possibility to choose your own interval, pause and end sounds from MP3, OGG, WAV files from your phone
- "favourite timers" functionality for a handy saved timer usage
- possibility to set the timer to wait of the confirmation of the start of the next interval
- play interval sounds in loop as many times as many intervals started
- Possibility to massively import/export using a CSV file of training

Enjoy YOUR time! :)


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