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Hungarian Conjugation Pro Unlock Key

This is an unlock key for the pro functions of the Hungarian Conjugation app

Upgrades require one-time payments and work for all your devices (used with the same Google account). If you have a phone and a tablet, or several phones and tablets, you need to pay only once to get the pro upgrade on all your devices.

The Pro version allows to:
- remove ads

Hungarian Conjugation description:

The app allows to learn, exercise and finally remember and master the difficult Hungarian conjugation rules. Download and check how fast you can learn them!
If you haven't gone through all the grammar yet, you can switch off in settings the unnecessary conjugations: like imperative, conditional, object/object-less conjugation or the past tense
The app counts the score of the learning session. You can consult all your answers and compare them to the correct ones. On top of this, you can see the related conjugation of the verb
If you only want, set a reminder to inform you about your daily training! Set the time you prefer to get a notification from the app!
The current list of verbs:
menni (go) - jönni (come) - várni (wait) - csinálni (do) - enni (eat) - inni (drink) - beszélni (talk) - tanítani (teach) - hinni (believe) - számítani (calculate) - úszni (swim) - remélni (hope) - javítani (fix) - adni (give) - bontani (unpack) - sietni (hurry) - vezetni (drive) - nyerni (win) - veszíteni (lose) - dobni (throw) - olvasni (read) - gondolni (think) - fűzni (lace) - küldeni (send) - lovagolni (ride a horse) - önteni (pour) - sütni (bake) - találni (find) - nézni (watch) - kérni (request) - keresni (look for) - nyírni (cut) - főzni (cook) - mosolyogni (smile) - aludni (sleep) - érezni (feel) - róni (notch) - üdvözölni (greet) - hozni (bring) - venni (buy) - tenni (put) - vinni (carry) - élni (live) - érezni (feel) - érteni (understand) - emlékezni (remember) - ébredni (wake) - lőni (shoot) - nőni (grow) - tetszeni (be liked) - sodródni (drift) - mosakodni (wash) - végezni (finish) - harapni (bite) - ugatni (bark) - rohanni (hurry) - haragudni (be angry) - lenni (be)

Enjoy and learn! :)

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