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Color Recogniser

Take picture or open from gallery and get color statistics

Have you been interested in the area covered by plants? Were you wondering what's the percentage of area covered by flowers?
The app allows to calculate the statistics about any picture!

Main features:
- You can take a picture directly through the app or pick up one from your gallery.
- It provides the percentage based result divided by these main colors: white, black, brown, green, blue, violet, red, orange, yellow and gray.
- To let you understand how the app calculated the colors, it presents a new picture with areas covered by the above mentioned colors, so it can be compared to the original one
- To speed up the calculation, there is a possibility to resize the original image directly by the app before the processing
- Shadow influence remover function - there is a feature to reduce the influence of black color (deep shadow) on the final statistics
Enjoy the app!

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